Simultaneous break-out sessions

First Block 13.30 – 14.45

Titel Speaker(s) Type
Connecting research and practice on topics of European or global importance Grete Dyb, Evaldas Kazlauskas, Christian Schmahl, Ask Elklit, Neil Roberts, Ulrich Schnyder Panel
Under Trauma’s Spell: The History and Future of Trauma-thinking Ruud Jongedijk, Ineke Sluiter, Rolf Kleber, Arjen van Lil & Bart Nauta Symposium
Sexual and gender based violence towards marginalized populations – what helpers should know Rina Ghafoerkhan, Linda Verhaak, Marian Tankink Symposium
ChatGPT and other AI in psychotraumatology Rodrigo Figueroa, Sergio Ruiz, Iryna Frankova Symposium
Conceptualization and assessment of different manifestations of complex psychotrauma Manon Boeschoten, Jackie June Ter Heide, Lonneke Lenferink, Simone de la Rie, Simon Groen Workshop
Supporting employees after occupational trauma Anne Bakker, Juul Gouwenloos Workshop
Bad nights: assessment and treatment of sleep disturbances in PTSD Annette van Schagen, Hein van Marle Workshop
Crisis, disaster or pandemic related presentations: 1, 2, 3, 4 Lennart Reifels, Alexandra Howard, Anouk Van Duinkerken Oral presentations

Second Block 15.15 – 16.30

Titel Speaker(s) Type
Domestic violence: outcomes and implications for clinical practice and policy Chris Hoeboer, Iva Bicanic, Eva Alisic, Veroni Eichelsheim Symposium
PTSD and older adults; ageing, assessment and treatment Sjacko Sobczak, Marco Boks, Demi Havermans, Ellen Gielkens Symposium
Climate change and mental health: concerns about disasters and environmental loss, impact and implications Rachel Williamson, Hannah Comtesse, Michel Dückers, Francis Vergunst, Verena Ertl Symposium
Highly intensive trauma treatment formats: how to do it, challenges and solutions Mayaris Zepeda Mendez, Patricia Verdoorn-Strijk, Mirjam Mink-Nijdam, Agnes van Minnen Workshop
Methodological workshop: Using AI to quickly get a systematic overview of the literature Rens van de Schoot, Mirjam van Zuiden Workshop
Media Events: the portrayal of Conflicts, Wars and Disasters Bas Agterberg Workshop
Global trauma, sequelae & interventions – moderated by Wietse Tol and Annelieke Drogendijk Sara Belquaid, Bertine Mitima-Verloop, Saara Martinmäki, Mariana Gonçalves, Duane Booysen, David Nieuwe Weme, Indira Primasari, Emma Grace, Auguste Nomeikaite, Erine Bröcker Posters and Flashtalks
Youth trauma- moderated by Grete Dyb and Trudy Mooren Angela Maia, Erik-Edwin Leonard Nordström, Agniete Kairyte, Deepika Singhal, Jacqueline Stam, Mienke Van der Brug, Paulina Zelviene, Jorinde Gerrmann Posters and Flashtalks