Simultaneous break-out sessions

First Block 13.30 – 14.45

Titel Speaker(s) Type
Putting moral injury on the map: Studying moral injury in diverse populations and contexts Jackie June ter Heide, Shira Maguen, Bruno Coimbra, Tine Molendijk Symposium
Moving forward with 3MDR: New applications of virtual reality-based exposure with motion  Mirjam Mink-Nijdam, Sophie Hengst, Rick de Haart, Irene Martens,  Suzette Brémault-Philips, Eric Vermetten Symposium
Child, family and psychotrauma – is a systemic perspective needed?  Trudy Mooren, Paul Boelen, Merel Velu, Iris van Dijk, Carlijn van Es Symposium
Individual variation in PTSD course following trauma and treatment: how can we apply longitudinal research to increase our understanding?  Mirjam van Zuiden, Iris Engelhard, Jeanet Karchoud, Jetske van Heemstra Symposium
Problem Management Plus – A Brief Psychological Support Program for Crisis-Affected Individuals: Development, Training, Evidence, and Future Perspectives Marit Sijbrandij, Els van der Ven, Anke Witteveen, Cansu Alozkan Sever, Barbara Kieft Symposium
An integrated intervention to reduce psychological distress and intimate partner violence in refugees  Wietse Tol, Samuel Likindikoki Workshop
Art @display – reflections on loss and trauma Simone de la Rie, Gwen Stock, Geerteke van Lierop, Mieke de Waal, Anne de Vilder , Vladlena Sandlu Workshop
Trauma, identity, and meaning: SOGIE diversity, mental health, and spiritual care Geert Smid, Carmen Schuhmann, Joanna Wojtkowiak, Hugo Konz, Jake Smit, Tamam Habib Workshop

Second Block 15.15 – 16.25

Titel Speaker(s) Type
Mindfulness for Stressor-Related Disorders: From Neurobiology to Evidence-Based Treatments Eric Bui, Lotte Hilberdink, Thomas le Francois, Manik Djelantik Symposium
CONNECT Study: Longitudinal Psychosocial Outcomes of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a Large Population Cohort in the Netherlands  Joanne Mouthaan, Trudy Mooren, Lonneke Lenferink, Lyanne Reitsma, Marie-José van Hoof, Simon Groen Symposium
Psychotherapy for prolonged and traumatic grief: an integrated framework  Geert Smid, Paul Boelen, Hannah Comtesse, Franziska Lechner-Meichsner Workshop
MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD: From scientific research to clinical practice Tijmen Bostoen, Erwin Krediet, Vivian Spiertz Symposium
Clinical / Intervention related presentations: 1, 2, 3, 4 Eka Susanty, Odeta Gelezelyte, Simona Karbouniaris, Tessa Ubels Oral presentations
Equitable authorship: working towards an inclusive approach of publishing research Rina Ghafoerkhan, Moses Mukasa Bwesige, David Nieuwe Weme Panel
Let’s empower and recover! A 7ROSES empowerment workshop Sanne De Kleijn, Sanne Minheere Workshop
Moral injury- Shira Maugen en Jackie June ter Heide Bernardette Blom, Nora Mooren, Kristien Gillis, Mariëlle De Goede, Sanneke Brouwers, Laura Mudde, Sara Fatima, Gösta Huijs Posters and flashtalks