There are several hotels in the area that you could consider for your accomodation. Below you will find a few options. We cannot guarantee that there are rooms available.

Please note: The times mentioned are an estimation of the travel time between the hotel and the venue Gooiland Events.

Travel information

There are multiple ways of traveling to the Netherlands. You can either go by plane (to Schiphol Airport), by train (to Hilversum station), by boat (from either Ireland or UK) or by car.

To Hilversum by train:

Tickets can be bought online: Single ticket | Individual tickets (

  1. From Schiphol Airport: Estimated time 28 to 45 minutes. No transfer. Go to the trainstation Schiphol Airport from the arrival gate (10 minute walk). Take the train to either Amersfoort Schothorst (28 minutes) or Hilversum (45 minutes) and get off at Hilversum station.
  2. From Amsterdam Central station: Estimated time 20 to 33 minutes. No transfer. Take the train to either Deventer (20 minutes) or Amersfoort Vathorst (33 minutes) and get off at Hilversum station.

From Hilversum station it’s a 15 minute walk or a 2 minute taxi drive to the Gooiland hotel. Taxi: Taxi Hilversum or

By Taxi from the Airport:

You do not have to reserve a taxi beforehand. You can walk to Schiphol Plaza and take a taxi there. There are many taxis avaible. Check the official website for more information: Schiphol | By taxi to and from Schiphol. If you do wish to reserve: Taxi Hilversum or 

Please note: There might be scammers there. Please avoid all unsolicited rides from taxi touts.

By car:

You can use your gps to navigate to the parking garage: Gooiland Events, Koningshof 1a, 1211 MH Hilversum